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The purpose of The Hyperliterature Exchange is to encourage the sale of hyperliterature - electronic literature, cyberliterature, hypertext, new media literature, nonlinear literature, digital poetry, Flash poetry, etc. etc. - particularly work self-published by its authors or brought out by small independent publishers, writers' cooperatives etc.

As a working definition, hyperliterature is literature which makes use of the computerised/digital medium in such a way that it cannot be reproduced in print - for example it employs animations, sound-effects, nonlinear structure, interactivity, or a combination of these. However, I am also prepared to list print-based works of criticism about the genre, and any other material which seems closely-related or relevant.

All works on the list must be for sale.


Listings Policy

As proprietor of The Hyperliterature Exchange, I reserve the right to refuse to list any work without giving a reason. My general policy, however, will be to list all work submitted to me provided that:

  • it is not pornographic
  • it is not an incitement to violence
  • it is not racist, sexist or otherwise gratuitously offensive to any subsection of the human race
  • it is not libellous
  • it is not unsaleably amateurish in my opinion (my standards are not deterringly strict in this respect)


Basic List

The basic list consists of the following information about each work:

  • Author(s) name(s)
  • Title
  • Genre (eg. Nonlinear Stories, Digital Poetry - three words maximum)
  • Format (eg. "CD/XHTML", "DVD/Flash", "Download/PalmPilot" - three words maximum)
  • Price (in one currency only, eg. "Aus $14.99")
  • URL for purchasing and further information
  • Publisher
  • e-mail address

NOTE: Because The Hyperliterature Exchange aims to encourage self-publishers and small publishers, the names of publishers do not appear on the basic list. This information is for administrative use: so is information about e-mail addresses.

Contributors to the list will be contacted every few months, by e-mail, with a reminder to check that their listings are still accurate.


Feature Pages

Authors or publishers may wish to submit feature pages about individual works or groups of works. In these cases, the "More Info" link on the basic list will lead to the feature pages. Such pages may include:

  • .jpg or .gif images of the works in question
  • short written descriptions of the works in question
  • further links to web-pages where the works can be purchased or ordered
  • ISBNs
  • computer/software requirements for running the works
  • links to web-pages where extracts from the works, or versions of them, can be viewed
  • information about the author or authors
  • extracts from reviews
  • links to full text of reviews

Layout of feature pages is subject to a house style. Click here for an example.

No feature page should contain more than 500 words of copy.


The Electronic Literature Directory

Authors who have not already done so are advised to register their work with The Electronic Literature Directory.


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