Chat & Spin Radio

My interview with Chat & Spin Radio, about my five recent picture-books (three of them co-authored with Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis) is now on their new group page, The whole Saturday & Weekend Late Show for 17th May is on that page, divided up into two parts: my bit’s about twenty minutes into Part 2.

Chat & Spin Radio is run by two guys called Ron and Ian, who were both really nice and friendly, and they say they’re going to have me back in July for another interview.

Chat & Spin Radio

Chat & Spin Radio are going to be interviewing me about my picture books this evening at 7.55 p.m. The interview will be uploaded to their new Group Page tomorrow, and I’ll post the link when they send it to me.

Chat & Spin were launched six years ago, based in Tyne & Wear, and as the name suggests they try to combine music of all types with discussion and interviews about a range of different subjects. They also try to give airtime opportunities to up-and-coming DJs. Their website is, or you can find them on Facebook at

I should also mention that I was introduced to Chat & Spin by Suvi Chisholm (, a US-based picture-book author who I’ve got to know online. How she found out about them I’ve no idea, but she’s obviously much better at networking and self-publicising than I am.

Dr Hairy’s Podcast No 6 – Dr David Hindmarsh and myself discuss recent articles from the medical press. This month, unsurprisingly, it’s all about covid-19 and how the crisis is being dealt with:

  • PHE upgrades protective kit advice, BMJ m1391
  • Experts Question New Guidance to reuse PPE, BMJ m1577
  • ‘Publish UK’s self-isolation evidence’, BMJ m1571
  • Concern at lack of clarity over change of ibuprofen advice, BMJ m1555
  • Avoid NSAIDs for fever in patients with suspected covid-19, NICE advises, BMJ m1409
  • Tackling covid-19: are the costs worth the benefits?, BMJ m1496
  • Why does Germany’s covid-19 case fatality rate seem so low?, BMJ m1395
  • Deaths of NHS staff from covid-19 analysed, HSJ,
  • Shameful neglect of social care in the pandemic, BMJ m1465