The Goose Money Box, picture 14

Martha takes her golden egg to the pet shop “‘A golden egg?’ said the man in the pet shop. ‘For that puppy? A golden egg for that puppy? Five hundred quid, that puppy’s worth! Haven’t you got any real money? I don’t swop puppies for eggs! What kind of gold is it? Is it proper goose gold? A real golden egg, from a proper magical goose? Oh, all right. It’s a deal.'”

From ‘The Goose Money Box’, my new picture book:

Dr Hairy’s Podcast No 8

Dr David Hindmarsh and Julian Le Saux discuss articles from The Guardian, Digital Health and the BMJ. To sign the People’s Vaccine petition, go to

The People’s Vaccine

There was an item on the news a couple of days ago to the effect that Russia was trying to steal the secrets of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine. ‘Why is that an issue?’ I thought. ‘Shouldn’t they be sharing that research anyway?’

Then I came across an article in the Guardian – which many of you have probably already seen – saying exactly that:

I went looking to see if there was a petition I could sign, and I found one on the Oxfam website. Here’s what they say: “Nearly everyone on the planet will need the COVID-19 vaccine to stay safe from the virus. Pls sign this petition to demand a commitment is made to make it free for everyone. #PeoplesVaccine

Please sign it, and encourage other people to sign it, if you’ve got the time!