The Film Bunch

I went to The Film Bunch show in Bethnal Green in London on Thursday night, because they were showing ‘Dr Hairy in: Mince Pies’. It was well worth the effort: really nice people, and some really interesting short films, most of them far more professional-looking than my own. The theme of the evening was ‘DIY films’, so I was hoping they’d all be a bit crappy like mine, but no such luck.

The Film Bunch as an organisation seeks to promote access to film and film-making for people who are hard of hearing. Shaz, the founder and main organiser, is hard of hearing herself (although you wouldn’t know it to talk to her); all the films they show are subtitled; and for the Q&A sessions at the end of each half of the show, they had somebody doing signing, and somebody else typing the conversation so that it could be shown in text on a back-screen.

Amongst other people I got chatting to a guy called Oscar Kraft (in fact I started by chatting to his father, a Rabbi called Niel, mainly because he was the oldest-looking bloke in the room apart from myself). Oscar had a film in the show about Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD), a condition he has himself. He has now sent me the link for a video of the Q&A session the two of us took part in, at the end of the first half of the show. Oscar is sitting to my left, and comes across as completely self-possessed and self-confident. The girl to my right is Jennifer Juan, who had a rather nice poem-video in the show called ‘Love is Love’.  Here’s the video:

DIY Short Films – Dr Hairy in: Mince Pies

I’m delighted to say that ‘Dr Hairy in: Mince Pies’ has been selected to be shown on Thursday 20th September 2018 at a DIY Short Films event at St Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL.  The event runs from 6.30 – 9.30, it’s three quid to get in, and you can find more information about it at

If you want to see the video itself, you can find it at

Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, September 2018

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Subjects covered this time:

New uses for old drugs

BMJ 2018;361:k2701

Childhood adversity and risk of suicide: cohort study of 548 721 adolescents and young adults in Sweden

BMJ 2017;357:j1334

Depersonalisation and derealisation: assessment and management

BMJ 2017;356:j745

Prescribing for ADHD in primary care

Br J Gen Pract 2018; 68 (669): 170-171. DOI:

Artificial pancreas treatment for outpatients with type 1 diabetes: systematic review and meta-analysis

BMJ 2018;361:k1310

Posterior circulation ischaemic stroke

BMJ 2018;361:k1185

Tests for diagnosing and monitoring non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adults

BMJ 2018;362:k2734

Hormone disrupting chemicals: slow progress to regulation

BMJ 2018;361:k1876

Sulfonylureas as second line drugs in type 2 diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular and hypoglycaemic events: population based cohort study

BMJ 2018;362:k2693

The Doubter’s Mysteries: The Creation (and the Fall of Satan)

‘The Doubter’s Mysteries’ are an attempt to write a short cycle of Mystery Plays – ie. plays based on Bible stories, like the Medieval Mystery Plays of York, Chester and Wakefield – from the point of view of a sceptical modern audience; an audience which either doesn’t believe in God, or can’t work out what he’s playing at.

There are fourteen of these plays, and the first is now online: ‘The Creation (and the Fall of Lucifer)’.

Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, 2018-08

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Subjects covered this time:

Better healthcare must mean better for patients and carers
BMJ 2018;361:k1877
Risk of stroke and transient ischaemic attack in patients with a diagnosis of resolved atrial fibrillation: retrospective cohort studies
BMJ 2018;361:k1717
Risk of meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile in patients with a documented penicillin allergy: population based matched cohort study
BMJ 2018;361:k2400
Comparison of prostatic artery embolisation (PAE) versus transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) for benign prostatic hyperplasia: randomised, open label, non-inferiority trial
BMJ 2018;361:k2338
Prospective external validation of the Predicting Out-of-OFfice Blood Pressure (PROOF-BP) strategy for triaging ambulatory monitoring in the diagnosis and management of hypertension: observational cohort study
BMJ 2018;361:k2478
Effect of tai chi versus aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia: comparative effectiveness randomized controlled trial
BMJ 2018;360:k851
Dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular risk
BMJ 2018;360:k835
Chronic pancreatitis
BMJ 2018;361:k2126
Education and myopia: assessing the direction of causality by mendelian randomisation
BMJ 2018;361:k2022
Learning to live with hearing voices
BMJ 2018;361:k2018
Leptospirosis: the possible risk to those participating in water-based sports and activities
Br J Gen Pract 2018; 68 (673): 394-395. DOI:

Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, July 2018

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Subjects covered this time:

Abdominal migraine

BMJ 2018;360:k179

Clinical course of untreated cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 under active surveillance: systematic review and meta-analysis

BMJ 2018;360:k499

Treatment or surveillance for CIN2?

BMJ 2018;360:k771

Why a change of diagnosis shouldn’t matter . . . but it does

BMJ 2018;361:k1472

Lyme disease: summary of NICE guidance

BMJ 2018;361:k1261

Effectiveness of antidepressants

BMJ 2018;360:k1073

Alcohol intake in relation to non-fatal and fatal coronary heart disease and stroke: EPIC-CVD case-cohort study

BMJ 2018;361:k934

Long term survival, health, social functioning, and education in patients with European Lyme neuroborreliosis: nationwide population based cohort study

BMJ 2018;361:k1998

Revisiting the association of blood pressure with mortality in oldest old people in China: community based, longitudinal prospective study

BMJ 2018;361:k2158

Cannabis, cannabis everywhere: UK to review medical cannabis policy as Canada plans imminent legalisation for all uses

BMJ 2018;361:k2695

Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, June 2018

The first instalment of a new series of Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries is now online at . Subjects covered this time:

Managing migraine in pregnancy

BMJ 2018;360:k80

Consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk: results from NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort

BMJ 2018;360:k322

Ultra-processed foods and cancer

BMJ 2018;360:k599

End non-essential use of antimicrobials in livestock

BMJ 2018;360:k259

Bringing Vioxx back to market

BMJ 2018;360:k242

Conflicting asthma guidelines cause confusion in primary care

BMJ 2018;360:k29

Secondary prevention following myocardial infarction: a clinical update

Br J Gen Pract 2018; 68 (668): 151-152. DOI:

Sexual orientation disclosure in health care: a systematic review

Br J Gen Pract 29 January 2018; bjgp18X694841. DOI:

Cancer risk associated with chronic diseases and disease markers: prospective cohort study

BMJ 2018;360:k134

Mortality from different causes associated with meat, heme iron, nitrates, and nitrites in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study: population based cohort study

BMJ 2017;357:j1957

Eosinophilic esophagitis: update on management and controversies

BMJ 2017;359:j4482