New Publishing Talks interview by David Wilks

David Wilk interviews Peter Costanzo of Associated Press

I’ve been following David Wilks’ ‘Publishing Talks’ podcasts for some years now, and every so often he comes up with something really interesting. This one is an interview with Peter Costanzo, currently working for the Associated Press, but formerly associated with digital publishing ventures for NBC and various others; and it’s full of perceptive remarks about why ebooks haven’t supplanted print books, why ‘enhanced’ ebooks (new media literature) have failed to take off commercially, how the publishing industry has managed to protect the status quo in the face of digital change more effectively than the record industry, and just the mechanics of the modern publishing marketplace in general – the dominance of Amazon, the failure of both Apple and Google to challenge that dominance, the dominance of the Kindle as the main reading device, etc. Well worth a listen if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare.

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