The Poetry Map by Matt Bryden

I came across the Poetry Map on the Arts News list, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Basically it’s a collection of poems associated with certain places, and as you move from poem to poem – along one of four ‘paths’ – you also move from one Google map to another, showing you a from-the-air view of the place where the poem is set, or where it was composed. Most of the places are rural or semi-rural.

It’s a bit glitchy. I haven’t managed to make it all the way through yet without reaching a page where the text disappears and leaves me with no alternative but to start all over again from the beginning; and I also think that it’s a bit less interactive than it could be, because the introductory map looks as if you ought to be able to click on it to choose which path you’d like to go into, or which particular poem on a given path you’d like to start from. Also, the ArtsNews announcement mentions that there is a Random option, which presents the poems randomly rather than asking you to follow a particular path, but I haven’t been able to find this yet.

But having said all that, it’s proper well-written poetry, and there’s a real sense of place about it, and Bryden hasĀ  found an interesting and original way of presenting the poems to an online audience, all of which makes it well worth a couple of visits.

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