Author's Note

Frog-o-Mighty started life as a game I played with my son Ray when he was three or four years old, using the ornaments on our living room window sill. We had a pottery goose, two pottery chicks, a bronze frog and a glass penguin. Ray christened the frog 'Frog-o-Mighty', and imagined the two chicks going on a visit to him and demanding to see him. Frog-o-Mighty didn't want to be seen, so he told the penguin, who worked as his assistant, to hypnotise them. Eventually their Dad, the big pottery goose, had to come and rescue them.

I was so taken with this story that I made a Flash animation out of it, which you can still see at

You can also still see certain elements of the original story in Frog-o-Mighty and the Ice Lollies. The main characters are the same, obviously: but besides that, the house where the goose dad and the two chicks live is always to the right, and Frog-o-Mighty's house is always to the left. In other words, the story still seems to be taking place on my living-room window sill. I didn't realize this until after it was finished.

Readers with long memories may recognize the family of penguins that arrives from the South Pole in search of ice lollies. They are based on Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin's creations the Pingwings, a much-beloved animated series from my own childhood in the 1960s.

Edward Picot, 2022