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Title: Aesthetica

Description: "A Review of Contemporary Arts", from York in the UK. Paper-based but with a strong web presence.

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Title: The Lazarus Corporation

Description: Experimental writing, artwork of various sorts, and articles - the Lazarus Corporation is "a collaborative project" and "an experimental space" devoted to sex and paranoia, science and nightmare. Well designed, clever and articulate; and as a matter of fact they take a lively interest in all experimental work, whether it echoes their own preferred style or not.

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Title: Earth Monkey

Description: "Earth Monkey Productions is a nonprofit making net label based on Barrow Island in Cumbria. It releases free music with a focus on experimental, electronic, sound art and spoken word..." There's some really interesting stuff on this site.

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Title: Anima Mundi

Description: Excellent site based in Brazil, but with an English version, featuring short animations from around the world.

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Title: The Digital Artists' Handbook

Description: "An up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces you to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art." The emphasis is on open source software, and it would be useful to have more detailed point-by-point comparisons of open source packages with their closed source equivalents, but all the same this is an extremely useful resource.

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Title: Artselector

Description: A "growing innovative visual directory of international contemporary fine artists, curators and gallerists". I was attracted to them because they've got a digital section. The contents of this turn out to be mostly digital photographs, but J R Carpenter's excellent "How I Loved the Broken Things of Rome" and "Entreville" are both on there too; and there are lots of other interesting things scattered throughout the site, plus a forum, and an interactive map to which you can add yourself.

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