Links: Criticism/theory

Title: ebr - the Electronic Book Review

Description: The criticism/theory/review arm of Mark Amerika's Alt-X project.

People responsible for this site:

  • Amerika, Mark
  • Tabbi, Joseph

Title: Dichtung Digital

Description: Based in Germany, but also available in English.

People responsible for this site:

  • Simanowski, Dr Roberto

Title: Netartreview

Description: A collaborative blog about new media: "Net Art Review focuses on net-art and its crossover to other new media fields. The purpose of the site is to provide a space for sharing links to net-art works that contributing writers find interesting.."

People responsible for this site:

  • McPhail, Lora
  • Navas, Eduardo


Description: A number of video presentations by Jason Nelson on the subject of digital poetics. There are three of them so far, and so far they all deal with the creation of digital poetry using Flash. By turns fascinating, funny, inspirational and infuriating: Jason is a very engaging presenter, obviously completely at his ease in front of the camera, but there are times when he seems so determined not to take himself too seriously that he almost winds up saying nothing at all. A bit more critical analysis and hard-edged technical information would have been helpful; but this remains a quirky and absorbing introduction to digital poetry of the Flash variety, with incidental sidelights on Jason's own working methods.

People responsible for this site:

  • Nelson, Jason

Title: Fundamentals

Description: An introduction to the fundamentals of hyperliterature. This is intended as a teaching aid, and it's not just for students of the genre but for those who are interested in producing hyperliterature themselves. As such, it provides a relatively jargon-free approach with lots of practical exercises and examples of work from here and there around the Web. It seems a trifle oldfashioned in its assumption that hyperliterary texts should generally have mazeliks structures of multiple links and nodes, in the style popularised by Eastgate, but it remains a thoroughly useful primer all the same.

People responsible for this site:

  • Larsen, Deena