Links: E-zines

Title: Word Circuits

Description: "This is a place for poetry and fiction born to pixels rather than the page--writing that's digital down to its bones."

People responsible for this site:

  • Kendall, Robert

Title: Beehive

Description: An e-zine devoted to new-media work and essays.

People responsible for this site:

  • Memmott, Talan

Title: papertiger

Description: A literary e-zine on CD, published annually and based in Australia. With four issues published so far, this has become an important periodical, and it includes a lot of new-media work.

People responsible for this site:

  • Hardacre, Paul
  • Dionysus, Brett

Title: Inflect

Description: "A journal of hypermedia writing", run from Canberra, with some excellent stuff on it.

People responsible for this site:

  • Unknown

Title: The Iowa Review Web

Description: The web sister of The Iowa Review. Dedicated to hyperliterature. A bit highbrow, but it actually pays for contributions.

People responsible for this site:

  • Swiss, Thomas
  • Ankerson, Ingrid

Title: Poems that Go

Description: "Our goal here is... to seek an inclusive understanding of literature, one that goes beyond written text-based works, to include visual, aural and media literacy."

People responsible for this site:

  • Sapnar, Megan
  • Ankerson, Ingrid

Title: 3rdBed

Description: An excellent US-based arts magazine, which includes a hypermedia section.

People responsible for this site:

  • Standley, Vincent

Title: Slope

Description: Beautifully-designed, with a big readership, and makes intelligent use of themed issues. Ethan Paquin, the editor-in-chief, is also a poet of some note.

People responsible for this site:

  • Paquin, Ethan

Title: Drunken Boat

Description: Excellent US-based arts e-zine, with quite a lot of new media content.

People responsible for this site:

  • Shankar, Ravi
  • Mills, Michael K

Title: Stride

Description: One of the simplest of online magazines in terms of presentation, and the simplicity works. Strong on reviews. UK-based, and run by Rupert Loydell, who used to edit a paper version of this years ago when I was running a poetry magazine myself.

People responsible for this site:

  • Loydell, Rupert

Title: Birmingham Words

Description: An extremely well-organised writers' website based in Birmingham, run by Will Buckingham, with an associated downloadable magazine in PDF format. Very friendly and approachable.

People responsible for this site:

  • Buckingham, Will

Title: The New River

Description: "A journal of digital writing and art. Founded by Ed Falco with help from Len Hatfield in 1996, (to the best of our knowledge), The New River was the first journal devoted exclusively to digital writing and art." Published twice a year, and they've featured some of the best people working in the field.

People responsible for this site:

  • Falco, Ed
  • Kocz, Nick
  • Sharma, Manisha