Links: Online organisations

Title: trAce online writing centre

Description: trAce, which used to be based at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), is currently (January 2007) in transition to new managership in Luton. For about ten years, up until 2006, it was one of the most important sites in the world of new media, particularly the literary end of the spectrum. You can still view the archives of the old trAce by clicking the link, including several articles by me. Please note that if you find any broken links to the trAce archive or on the trAce archive it's probably because they now need to be written as not , because NTU moved all the material to an archive and then switched off the redirect which kept the links operational.

People responsible for this site:

  • Whitehead, Helen
  • Thomas, Sue
  • Mills, Simon
  • Adams, Randy

Title: Eastgate - serious hypertext

Description: A good deal of hyperliterature is self-published by its authors, but The Eastgate Corporation is the only publishing venture, as far as I am aware, to devote itself exclusively to the new form (publishing hypertext novels, stories and poetry on floppy disc and CD). They also run a Reading Room, which displays short hypertexts and is well worth a visit.

People responsible for this site:

  • Bernstein, Mark

Title: ELO - the Electronic Literature Organisation

Description: This organisation, which is associated with Word Circuits, runs an important news service and an online directory of electronic literature.

People responsible for this site:

  • Kendall, Robert
  • Pressman, Jessica

Title: Turbulence

Description: The Turbulence organisation "Commissions and supports Net Art".

People responsible for this site:

  • Thorington, Helen
  • Green, Jo-Ann

Title: Alt-X Online Network

Description: Mark Amerika's publishing and new media site.

People responsible for this site:

  • Amerika, Mark

Title: Incorporating Writing (Incwriters)

Description: An interesting new UK-based site which is part agency, part review and part forum.

People responsible for this site:

  • Monk, Bixby

Title: Ideas Factory

Description: Co-founded by Channel 4 and the Institution of Electrical Engineers with the aim of "opening a doorway into the real world of creativity, arts and media, including through access to insiders' views of what happens in the Creative Industries." Lots of useful links.

People responsible for this site:

  • Verdi, Veena

Title: The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That

Description: Jawdropping Brazilian site, available in both Portoguese and English: a virtual museum or art gallery featuring innumerable new media works, and a work of art in its own right. Curated by Regina Celia Pinto.

People responsible for this site:

  • Pinto, Regina Celia

Title: Poetic Inhalation

Description: Progressive poetry site which includes the art poetry journal Tin Lustre Mobile, plus reviews, e-books for free download, and more.

People responsible for this site:

  • Smith, Jeannie
  • Lundwall, Andrew

Title: folly

Description: "folly is a leading digitali arts organisation. Working in North West of England and online, folly is committed to enabling new audiences to explore art through technology." A very dynamic and interesting organisation - well worth signing up for their newsletter.

People responsible for this site:

  • folly


Description: "Exploring digital poetry and electronic literature." An online news-and-discussion site/blog run by Jason Nelson, which is getting contributions from the likes of Brian Kim Stefans and Alan Bigelow. It looks pretty lively, upbeat and accessible, which is what you'd expect from Jason.

People responsible for this site:

    Title: ELMCIP

    Description: Run by Eric Dean Rasmussen, who is also associated with the Electronic Book Review. ELMCIP stands for Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice. This is a European-based research site and explains itself as follows: "Focusing on the electronic literature community in Europe as a model of networked creativity and innovation in practice, ELMCIP is intended both to study the formation and interactions of that community and also to further electronic literature research and practice in Europe."

    People responsible for this site:

    • Rasmussen, Eric Dean