Slight twinge just to the right of centre, just on the edge of the ribcage, one of those crampy sensations, but basically nothing. Toast with jam on it for breakfast, black coffee, no problem at all. Absolutely fine. Walked all the way here from Charing Cross, about three-quarters of an hour, no problem at all. I already know it's not the heart, though. That treadmill ECG would have shown something. Basically nothing, just that slight twinge, which I wouldn't even notice on a normal day. It must be something digestive. Endoscopy, 16th October. They won't find anything. Certainly much better than yesterday. It's definitely getting better, not worse. I expect they won't find anything, or maybe just a hiatus hernia, or a touch of diverticulitis, or gastritis, or Crohn's disease, or irritable bowel. Would they find irritable bowel? They wouldn't be going down as far as the lower bowel, would they? Will it hurt? He said they spray the back of your throat with anaesthetic. Lots of people have it done. Probably no worse than that visit to the dentist. I hate it when you can't swallow. As soon as you can't do it, you can't stop thinking about it. It won't be like that. It said in the leaflet you can still swallow. Probably a bit uncomfortable, though. 16th October. I don't expect they'll find anything.

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