Other people coming in. Two old ladies. Then a slightly younger couple - a man with a beard, a woman with short white hair and denims. They must be at least in their sixties. Beardy-man's got a stud in his ear. She's got Cuban heels. Trying to act younger. Fit-looking for their age, though.

Yeah, we're just going to chill out, take in some of the sights. Might do a bit of shopping. There's a train back about three, but after that you're into the rush-hour, so we might take a stroll along the river and go back about seven. We might pick up a meal somewhere. Our time's our own.

That must be nice. Your time's your own. If you've got enough money.

I'm okay for my age. Maybe just a crampy sensation. Basically nothing. The blood tests were all fine. Once you're in your fifties you get these odd things - a growth on your back, a scabby bump on your thigh, digestive symptoms. I feel fine.

Someone else coming in. A young fat guy, maybe late twenties, with a rucksack. Very short black hair, round shoulders, glasses. Says hallo to the old lady at the desk. She says hallo back. He doesn't smile, just stares. Goes up to the other four and says hallo to them. They say hallo back too. The same stare. Nothing to say. What's he saying hallo for? Hope he doesn't say hallo to me. I'd better get my bag. I left it on a pew.

Stairs here at the back - I hadn't noticed them before. Chapels of St Francis and St Clare. That's a bit scruffy - just an A4 paper sign, one corner curling over. Might as well have a look. Very steep stone steps.

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