Well, this is a surprize.

How do you mean?

This place looks a bit small and grubby from the outside. Then you come in here -

It's lovely, isn't it?

That ceiling's beautiful.

Yes, it's lovely. I think it is, anyway. I'm so glad you like it. Are you here for the art exhibition, or... ?

Well, no, not really. I'm visiting churches in the City of London - it's a project I'm doing - and this one was on my list. I had no idea it had been turned into an art gallery.

Oh, well, it hasn't, not really. It's still a working church. We have services and prayer meetings. It's a kind of shared use, and it's really been a great success. It's given the church a new lease of life.

It seems to be a bit of a trend, using churches for exhibitions and things.

Oh yes, there are lots of schemes springing up. We need to find way of engaging people. There are all these lovely little churches - beautiful places like this - and people simply walk right past them, without realising.

That's true.

And people need places like this. They need somewhere to - to escape. Shelter from the storm. You know, get away from the pressure. Think about spiritual things for a change. Nourish the soul. Stop fretting about money all the time, and, you know, all the anxieties people carry around with them...

Is it all right for me to take photographs?

Oh, yes, absolutely. Please do.

What a nice woman. If everybody was like that... if everybody was just friendly and helpful...

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