"She was in a terrible mood when we went in today. She got absolutely furious with us for looking in her notes to see what her blood sugar readings were. 'I'm perfectly all right! There's no need for you to keep poking your noses in!' Well, we're bound to be concerned, aren't we? They were all over the place the last time we looked. They don't seem to be checking them regularly, and when they do check them they never seem to do anything about it. Mum won't tell us, though. If you ask her whether they've adjusted her insulin she just gets all shirty. 'Look, it's their business, not yours, so just leave it be!' That's what she says. She thinks we're making a fuss about nothing. Then she started talking about coming home and we said 'Mum, you can't possibly come home the way things are now, because you wouldn't be able to manage the stairs,' and she completely blew her top. 'You don't even want me to come home! You'd rather not have the bother of looking after me! You'd sooner just leave me here till I die!' Then she burst into tears, and of course so did we. Eeh, dear, it was terrible."

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