"They've taken the dressing off her leg, and it's just leaking all over the floor."

"What do you mean? Haven't they put down anything to catch the drips?"

"No, it's just dripping on the lino. There was a big puddle by the time we left. That can't be good, can it? Having the ulcer exposed like that. She's bound to pick up an infection or something."

"Well, are they doing it on purpose, or have they just forgotten to put on a new dressing?"

"Goodness knows."

"Haven't you asked them?"

"We did say something to one of the nurses, and she promised to check, but she never came back again. That happens all the time. Some of them just seem to resent it if you ask them a question, but even the ones who seem nice never actually come back with an answer. I suppose they're all terribly busy."

"Terribly disorganised, more like."

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