"They don't seem to talk to each other at all. When Hutchins came round on Monday he said he was very concerned about her, and he couldn't see her going home for quite a long time. Then Mahdia came on Tuesday and said he was quite encouraged by how well she was doing. Then today along comes Lawton, and he says oh yes, she's made very good progress, he thinks she can probably go home at the weekend! So that's three different consultants who've seen her, and they've given three completely different reactions, and as far as I can see she's still exactly the same as she was when she went in. If they send her home, she'll be back in a few days. I just can't see the point."

"Well, I suppose they might feel there isn't very much more they can do for her."

"Oh, don't say that! Do you really think so? I just wish somebody would sit down and talk things over with us properly, so we understood what was happening!"

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