Glass door opened by a key-pad. Clutter inside. Portable screens, stackable chairs, stackable tables... This is more of a mess than the other one. Old-fashioned, dowdy. Studenty types sitting around, having discussions.

My predecessor inherited a situation where the churches were virtually unused, virtually standing empty, you know, right in the middle of the City of London, and he, he was a very energetic and talented man, and he came up with an idea... he got permission to use both churches, St Helen's and St Andrew Undershaft, for courses and discussion-groups and, you know, various other activities... and it completely turned their fortunes around, completely revitalised them. So I was very fortunate, I was lucky enough to arrive at a point where things were really, you know, really thriving, and we've continued to move forward...

Teddy can't possibly like this. He didn't like what they were doing with the last one, and this is far worse. Perhaps he hasn't had a chance to take it in properly yet. But I've seen him like this before, smiling away and agreeing with everything. He hates arguments. Frightened of conflict. Very reluctant to come out with an adverse opinion. Tries to stay on friendly terms, even if it means hypocrisy. He ought to say something. He ought to voice an objection. He's looking at the ceiling, admiring the ceiling, as if he can't see what's down here right in front of him.

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