"This isn't the grandest church in London, but there's always plenty going on. We have classical music, jazz, contemporary - lots of Bach - we've got a Bach festival coming up. I don't suppose you're here at the weekend? We're giving a Bach mass on Sunday. And that's quite a good organ in the corner - although I used to be an electrician, and the wiring round the back makes my blood run cold.

"Then we have services in Latvian and Amharic - that's Ethiopian - and once a week we have a Swahili rave-up, which is quite an event. Lots of different people from different communities, all mixing together. There's a real sense of fellowship. Isn't it nice when people get on?

"You know, this is a Lutheran church - it's owned by the Church of England, but they rent it out to us Lutherans - but even though I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Lutheran myself, if I went to some of the Lutheran churches in America they wouldn't let me in, because they wouldn't regard me as strict enough. And if someone from their congregation was to come and worship here, they'd have to keep quiet about it when they went back, or else they'd be in trouble. Well, isn't life difficult enough already, without that kind of thing? Aren't sickness and old age enough to contend with? I can't see why people have to make such a lot of extra misery for themselves, when they could be helping each other instead. Perhaps it's just a way of distracting ourselves from the things that really frighten us."

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