Teddy starts taking pictures. There's a grey-haired man in an anorak and shorts - odd combination, his bare legs almost shocking - leaning at the opposite side of the church - staring at us without curiosity. As if he's been waiting ages, and getting bored with it. But forcing himself to be patient.

An old lady comes in. Crosses herself in the middle of the aisle. Under the pulpit is a little tableau, lit up. A very late nativity scene, or a very early Easter one. She goes straight to it, then stands in front of it, as if stupefied. My mum used to stand like that. Staring, lost in thought. Outside shop windows. Outside the butcher's, staring at a tray of kidneys. Straggly hair blowing in the wind. Ingrid's family knew my family. Her mum looked down on my mum. They thought she was an eccentric.

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