Square, boxy-looking church. Nice tower. The website says it's been converted into a bookshop.

A small crowd of guys outside. Two or three in hard hats, four or five in jogging-trousers and hoodies, with big heavy boots.

Wass appenin man, wass occurrin?

Dunno, mate. I don't know any more than you do.

Becos, laak, dem tole me ya meet im ere, an now iss bin laak arf a howah, an iss laak well a wase of me taam, man.

Well don't get the arse with me, mate. I'm stood here just the same as you are. I'm getting pissed off too.

Git him on de phone, man, on de mobaal. Iss a joke.

I already tried him, didn't I? All I got was the Orange answering service.

Ah don beleev this man. Iss a joke.

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