Only three other people in the church apart from me. One of them, a woman looking at the spines of the books in a desultory way, glances at her watch and goes out. The other two are sitting behind desks: a man with a beard and a grey-haired lady. I take a picture of their corner, and the grey-haired lady immediately speaks up:

This is just for your personal use, I take it?


I assume you're just taking these photographs for your own personal use?

Well, no, it's for a website, actually.

Ah! ...Well, you might have to - if it's for a website, you should really check -

I did ask permission before I came here. I spoke to, er, Ken -

Oh. Ken Brown.

Yes, that's it. I spoke to him yesterday. I said would it be all right for me to come and take photographs, for a website, and he said fine.

I see. Well, in that case, of course... But can you not use any of the ones with us in, please?

Oh. Okay.

The man with the beard, who is drinking something from a mug, stares inscrutably above the rim, with his eyebrows raised.

Well, I could airbrush you out, if you like.

Yes, please!

She goes back to her work.

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