What about that little church?

What little church?

That one over there.

Wow, that's tiny. I never even noticed it. But look, Ivan, I've got my sights on that big one just down there.

But you're walking right past this one.

The trouble is, I've found from experience that if you look at more than three... you kind of get into a law of diminishing returns. You get less out of them.

That's ridiculous. You're walking right past. It's literally just across the road.

Who's in charge of this expedition, me or you?

That's the trouble with you, Teddy. You've always got to be in control.

Oh, so it's mutiny, is it? Mutiny, Mr Christian?

You should be more receptive to other people's ideas.

Oh, all right, all right. Good God almighty. We'll stop and look if it means that much to you. Anything for a quiet life.

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