Shall we go in here?

What, into this Pavilion of Peace and Reconciliation?

Is that what it's called?

Something like that. It's on that plaque on the wall over there.

Oh yes. "Tent for the Meeting of Faiths". Opened by Prince Charles. This is a very Prince Charles sort of place, in fact.

You mean, skin-deep multi-culturalism?

You cynical bastard. There's a notice asking us to take off our shoes.

Oh, we don't have to bother, do we? There's nobody around.

Teddy! You surprise me yet again! Don't you have any respect for other people's beliefs?

It's drizzling. It's freezing cold. Our socks will get wet.

I don't remember you being such a wimp.

Okay then. Fine. I'll take off my shoes.

Oh... it's locked.

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