Just because I left the lid off, and the knife next to it. A smear of jam and butter on the work surface. A tiny smudge. She gets so angry. She's relaxed, then something like that displeases her, and everything changes. Everything goes tense. Oh God, here it comes. The kids can tell it's coming too. That voice. That expression on her face. Pure resentment.


A round-shouldered grey-haired man in glasses. It's Teddy. It always gives me a slight shock to see him these days, looking so old. Then the grin and the voice, just the same.

I've never been here before, have you?

He's standing at the base of the Gherkin.

No - I've seen it lots of times from a distance.

I wasn't expecting it to have all different shops in it.

Why, what were you expecting?

I don't know. Some kind of single-use building - like the United Nations or something. This makes it seem like a glorified shopping mall. It's a shame, really, because I like it from a distance.

Why should it be a shame? What's wrong with a few shops?

Well... I don't know. Nothing, I suppose.

He shrugs. Concedes. If that was Ingrid... Not just arguing the point, but getting really uptight about it, tenser and tenser... then one of her haughty silences.

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