I've got to meet a guy here - Tony somebody-or-other. I've got it written on a piece of paper. I'll take some pictures first, though.

What are you meeting him for?

I want to go to St Andrew Undershaft after this, and you can't get into St Andrew Undershaft unless somebody opens it up for you.

Perhaps that bald guy is Tony somebody-or-other. Would you like me to ask?

The bald man still talking. I could interrupt him. The dark-haired girl would look at me. I could smile at her.

No, I'll take some more pictures first.

He's always got to be in control. I remember that about him now. It's his gig, and he doesn't want anybody else changing the rules. That's twice I've made a suggestion and he's turned it down. I need to let him know he can't boss me, he's not in charge... But the bald man decides it's time to go. He and the pretty girl walk down the church and disappear through the swing door, where the metal ladder went. The pretty girl doesn't look at me. She glances at Teddy, because he's taking pictures.

Why do I feel such a twinge? Like a tiny hook inside me, being pulled out. If I could have met her eyes. If she'd smiled at me. Then what?

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