Look, they've even got a mixing-desk.

Why does that matter?

Well, they've got that drum-kit down there... It's kind of a happening place, isn't it? But it's out of sympathy with the building. Look at all those chairs stacked in front of the altar.

I'm surprised at you, Teddy. I didn't think you'd be so conservative.

But the building's designed to be used in a particular way. The altar's the focal point, like the fireplace in your front room.

Circumstances change, Teddy. Maybe they weren't getting any congregations. You can't preserve something indefinitely, for the sake of a market which isn't there any more.

Churches aren't exactly about markets.

They need congregations. If the congregations disappear, they've got to change. That was exactly the problem at Wentworth Publishers. Sales falling, circumstances changing, but they wouldn't contemplate any, any suggestions. Any radical ideas. They brought me in to do a job, but they wouldn't let me do it. It was very frustrating. In the end they were treating me as if I was the problem, when really I was trying to... you know, help them to move forward, dig them out of the hole.

So what happened? Did you resign?

Well, they didn't renew my contract - but I didn't ask them to renew it. The boss was such an arsehole. He was deliberately poisoning people against me. Incredible. I just wasn't prepared to go in and, you know, abase myself, ask him to keep me on, plead, you know, plead for my position. He probably would have said no in any case. Ingrid was furious.

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