It's not the initial offense. It's the antagonism, the hostility... Refusing to admit responsibility. Twisting things, rewriting history, anything rather than back down. If she'd just said Look, I'm sorry, I lost my rag... Too late for that now. It's not the dove or the pelican any more, it's not soft and nurturing, it's that bird up there, vengeful.

The NHS is going down the pan anyway. Best to get out. There's no money any more, it's all targets and efficiency drives, services being cut. More and more bureaucracy, less and less care. Those grey-haired men with cigars, pacing the pavement outside the Bank of England, they're calling the shots now. Dismantling the welfare state. They're like that bird up there too, ripping everything to pieces.

Fuck it. This is meant to be a nice day off. I'm going to spend the entire day chewing over this fucking disciplinary case and the NH fucking S.

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