I wonder if you can get into the organ gallery? There's an office across the other side of the vestibule, with an electric light shining. I'll see if there's anyone in there.

A mild-looking little bald man at a desk, deep in paperwork.

Excuse me.

He looks up. Round glasses, shy smile. Like Mr Chillip from Dickens.

Oh! Hallo there! How can I help you?

I'm sorry to disturb you - I've been taking some photographs of the church, and I just wondered - I don't suppose it's possible to get upstairs into the Gallery?

Oh! No, I'm so sorry, I'm terribly sorry, but we really can't. I'm so sorry - I'm really sorry. It's just, it's full of equipment, you see, which belongs to the choir, and, and they guard it rather jealously. I'm under very strict instructions, I'm afraid. I really can't make any exceptions. It's a terrible pity. I really am sorry. I'm so sorry to have to disappoint you.

Don't worry, it doesn't really matter.

Oh, that's very understanding of you. That's very good of you. It's terribly nice of you. You are lovely.

He bursts into a brilliant smile, and then a little laugh, almost a laugh of delight.

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