Coffee stall by the front entrance. People drinking coffee in the shade of a tree. More or less everyone in suits. Business coffee-break. Giles, meet me at half-two, outside the church, for a power-espresso. Stockbrokers, financiers, commodity-dealers. Let's talk portfolios. I don't do tangibles, I do invisibles, I'm into futures, you know the sort of thing. Eternals. That's where the real profit is.

Perhaps I should have a coffee. It smells good. I could have a coffee and a croissant. I'm starting to get hungry and thirsty. It might upset me, though. I drink too much coffee: I should drink more water and tea instead. Better for the digestion. But I don't like them as much. What if I can't drink coffee any more? Miserable outlook. Perhaps I should limit myself. Two or three a day. Two before lunch, one after. I could live with that.

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