Unexpectedly nice. Unexpectedly pink. High ceiling. This must be by Christopher Wren. I'll have a look in Betjeman's guide in a minute, but it's got a real Christopher Wren look. Those two layers of windows, arches below and round above. My daughter would like the round ones. She's got a round window in her bedroom, so she always likes them. If I look in the guide, and it's by Christopher Wren, then I'm turning into a real expert. If it isn't, then I'll be really pissed off. I wonder if it was always this pink colour? I like the chevron pattern in the windows. That must be original - must be old glass, anyway, with all those ripples in it.

Leather-covered pew-seats and kneelers. Rather grammar-schoolish again, that leather. Shabby-masculine. Despite the pink, there's something shabby-masculine about this place. Amateurish. Out-at-elbows. Take-me-as-you-find-me.

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