Adverse to his Wish, He was frequently chosen Chairman of the Honourable East-India Company. Adverse to his wish? He kept saying no, but they kept asking him anyway? And frequently chosen? How often does frequently mean? It can't just mean twice or three times: it must mean lots. Nineteen times. I bet he was chosen nineteen times. Really, it's beyond a joke. You must stop choosing me over and over again. This is the nineteenth time. There must be some other people you could choose. I was chairman last week, and I was chairman the week before that as well. It really is becoming rather a bore, and it's completely adverse to my wish, you know. And what does this mean? He nobly left the Perpetual Advowson of this Parish, in trust, to five of its senior inhabitants. What's a Perpetual Advowson? And what happened after the five senior inhabitants died?

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