- Oh, there's somebody else here.

Has he just come in? No, I think he must have been here all the while. What a shock. I thought I was completely on my own. What's he doing? Praying? He looks like he's sitting for an exam, with his mobile phone and his calculator. Waiting for the questions to be handed out.

Hallo? No, I've come out for my lunch-hour. I thought a bit of peace and quiet. No, not walking. I'm in a church, actually. I don't know what it's called. Just round the corner from the office. Somewhere quiet to sit. No, I haven't been, but it probably wouldn't be inappropriate. We've tried everything else... Has Harry got back to you? I knew he wouldn't... Danielle? No, me neither... Well, it's all a question of how long... Yes, green shoots of recovery, quite, but as far as I can see things are still... Exactly. Yes, exactly. And it's not as if you can just sell it and get your money back. It's a combination of circumstances, isn't it?... Yes, that's right. It's always been... Right, but now it's even worse. Listen, where are you? Okay. Well, I could get there in twenty minutes.

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