Can't see - oh yes, looks like wood - looks like they've nailed some plywood -

I wonder if the blue dust sheet is in case something falls while they're working up there, or if things started to fall, and that's why they had to go up and make repairs? Perhaps something fell. In the middle of a service, things starting to fall. When I was at primary school we sang Onward Christian Soldiers, and paint came down from the ceiling, great fluttering pieces, yellowy-white, like birds or butterflies.

In the playground, twirling horse-chestnut leaves, helicopter lime-seeds, brown-winged seeds from the sycamore, twirling through the air, parachutists from the trees, launching themselves diagonally when the wind treshed in the branches... Scuffing through the leaves for conkers, round the playground edges, bits of leaf and twig in your shoes and socks; the shells splitting open damply, the rich glossy brown nut in its soft white bed. Things were simpler. Primacy of sensations. Scuffing around the edges of adult life.

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