The organist stops playing, shuffles some sheet-music, adjusts the organ-stops.

Do you mind if I photograph you?


I'm taking some pictures of the church.

Oh, that's fine. Don't worry about me. Go ahead.

Are you the organist here?

No, I'm rehearsing. There's a recital here this evening.

My father-in-law was a church organist.

Oh yes? Where was that?

Sparrowhurst. He was head of music at Lancingham before that.

Really? Perhaps I know him. What's his name?

Dan Tremlett.

I'm sure that sounds familiar.

He did some arrangements...

Oh, did he used to teach at Trinity?

Yes, I think so.

I think I've met him. Is he still with you?

No, he died last year. After a stroke.

What a shame.

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