"She gave us her notebooks today."

"What notebooks?"

"This stack of notebooks that she's filled up with writing. She presented us with them. 'Here you are,' she said, 'read these and then you'll understand how I'm feeling'. At first we thought she'd been writing her autobiography, but it's all this wierd stuff instead. She writes them mostly at night, when she can't sleep. She wakes in the small hours, with her mind racing. It might be the steroids, or it might just be the worry. You can imagine, waking in the middle of the night, it must be horrible for her. So instead of lying there trying to force herself back to sleep, she started writing her thoughts down in these notebooks. It's a good idea in a way, but they're so strange. Lots of Biblical references and word-association. You know that stuff in her lungs is called glass? There's a whole section about that."

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