they say it's glass that's what they call it the glass is half empty or the glass is half full which means it's all about how you look at it because after all I'm still here so that means it's half full which means good but in my case half full is bad because it's half full of a kind of muck not half full of red wine like the blood of Jesus or pure water like the water of life the water of youth more like gall or what's the word in Revelation wormwood some kind of filth or poison but perhaps I need to drain it down to the bitter dregs verily my cup runneth over there's too much stuff in it clogging up the works that's why my leg keeps leaking leaking dripping dripping like the dolorous wound who was that Balin or Balan I can never remember which was which they slew each other and the dolorous wound could only be cured by the Holy Grail which was the cup that caught the blood of Jesus Christ take this cup from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt be it done if I could drain it then the glass would be empty the glass is falling the glass is rising that's another one falling means storms and rising means settled weather or is it the other way round but my glass needs to be clear it needs to be empty pure translucent limpid full of many angled light for now we see as through a glass darkly but then we shall see plainly and face to face

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