The Treasure Beneath the Hill

© 2023 by Edward Picot

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Chapter 1

When Dora goes to say with Grandpa Jack for the holidays, she is dismayed to find that his house, which stands next to the Church, is about to be demolished.

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Chapter 2

In order to find out what Abner Brown and Sylvia Pouncer are up to in the church, Dora turns into a bat, and also a boy.

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Chapter 3

Dora/Pan makes another secret expedition into the Church, this time as a mouse, and finds Abner Brown scheming to dig up the floor.

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Chapter 4

Dora/Pan encounters a ghost called Thomas Mountford, and with his help discovers an ancient book hidden in the church.

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Chapter 5

Dora/Pan meets the sinister Thin Men of Haddam, and a Recording Angel called Pravuil.

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Chapter 6

Grandpa Jack gets lost in the floods, and is rescued by Ur-Shanabi the Ferryman. Abner Brown and Sylvia Pouncer meet a mysterious lady who walks slowly but can't be caught.

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Chapter 7

Pan tumbles into a sink-hole caused by the floods, and finds himself beneath the hill. The Pig - who can talk when he's under the hill - takes him to find Grandpa Jack.

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Chapter 8

Pan and Grandpa Jack meet Brigid, the lady who lives beneath the hill; and she gives them a magic purse to help them deal with Abner Brown.

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Chapter 9

Pan and Grandpa Jack meet some ghosts; and Citrus meets her Recording Angel.

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Chapter 10

Abner Brown finally gets his hands on the treasure, but now he must attempt to fill Brigid's magical purse.

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