2015-06-21, Sunday

I’ve just been catching up with recent posts on the Netbehaviour list, and there are several which are well worth a look:

‘For What It’s Worth’ by Pall Thayer, a really well-conceived¬† piece on the value of art. Here’s what Pall has to say about it:

It's an interactive,
audio-visual piece that uses bitcoin transactions for interaction and
input. It combines abstracted digital data with images of art that have a
high perceived value but places the value of the whole simply at the
accumulated value of donations and therefore begs the question, "What
establishes the monetary value of a work of art." In this realm of
non-physical art and this age of exceedingly high prices being paid for
art, it seems a valid question.

‘Crossover’ and ‘Queue’, two brilliant little videos from Bjorn Magnhildoen. I had my heart in my mouth watching ‘Crossover’ .

Lastly, for those interested in electronic literature, Dave Miller posted a link to ELMCIP, which is a very wide-ranging and comprehensive knowledge-base on the subject. Rather academic in feel – based in Bergen – but a really valuable resource if, say, you were writing a Ph.D.

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