Animate Projects

The Animate organisation will be closing its online shop on 5th February, and until then they’re offering books and DVDs for sale at half-price. Why they would want to close the online shop I can’t imagine – I can only assume that nobody was buying anything from it. They say that their products will still be available from the BFI shop and LUX. Anyway, about a week ago I bought the Animate TV collection, which showcases various bits of work going back to about 2007, and I sat and watched about a third of it this morning – it’s got some really great stuff on it. If you’ve got eight quid to spare it’s really worth having. The ones that especially caught my attention were ‘Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey’ by Al + Al, and ’13’ by Simon Faithfull. My daughter liked ‘Furniture Poetry’ by Paul Bush. The Animate shop is at .

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