Chat & Spin Radio

Chat & Spin Radio are going to be interviewing me about my picture books this evening at 7.55 p.m. The interview will be uploaded to their new Group Page tomorrow, and I’ll post the link when they send it to me.

Chat & Spin were launched six years ago, based in Tyne & Wear, and as the name suggests they try to combine music of all types with discussion and interviews about a range of different subjects. They also try to give airtime opportunities to up-and-coming DJs. Their website is, or you can find them on Facebook at

I should also mention that I was introduced to Chat & Spin by Suvi Chisholm (, a US-based picture-book author who I’ve got to know online. How she found out about them I’ve no idea, but she’s obviously much better at networking and self-publicising than I am.

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