Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, April 2015

These are gradually getting a bit later every month, with the result that April is now appearing well into May. However, the list of articles summaries this time is as follows:

  • Diagnosis and management of asthma in children, BMJ 2015;350:h996
  • Diagnosis and management of depression in children and young people: summary of updated NICE guidance, BMJ 2015;350:h824
  • Adjunctive treatment with quetiapine for major depressive disorder: are the benefits of treatment worth the risks?, BMJ 2015;350:h569
  • Too much medicine: the challenge of finding common ground, BMJ 2015;350:h1163
  • Investigating young adults with chronic diarrhoea in primary care, BMJ 2015;350:h573
  • Guidelines, polypharmacy, and drug-drug interactions in patients with multimorbidity, BMJ 2015;350:h1059
  • Mental health effects of varenicline, BMJ 2015;350:h1168
  • Risks of the unregulated market in human breast milk, BMJ 2015;350:h1485
  • Air pollution, stroke, and anxiety, BMJ 2015;350:h1510
  • Rosuvastatin: winner in the statin wars, patients’ health notwithstanding, BMJ 2015;350:h1388

For more information, go to http://www.drhairy.org/concrete5/index.php/research-summaries/.

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