Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, March 2015

A bit late, but they’ve actually been online for about a week. Subjects covered this time:

Antidepressants and risk of suicide

BMJ 2015;350:h783

Assessment and management of alcohol use disorders

BMJ 2015;350:h715

How can I help you hear?” The transforming power of six little words

BMJ 2015;350:h184

Avoiding premature death in epilepsy

BMJ 2015;350:h718

Initiation and follow-up of treatment for high blood pressure

BMJ 2015;350:h167

Management and prevention of exacerbations of COPD

BMJ 2014;349:g5237

Pain at the base of the thumb

BMJ 2015;350:h182

Suicide in doctors while under fitness to practise investigation

BMJ 2015;350:h813

Doctors and divorce

BMJ 2015;350:h791

Irritable bowel syndrome in adults in primary care: summary of updated NICE guidance

BMJ 2015;350:h701

For more about Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, visit http://www.drhairy.org/concrete5/index.php/research-summaries/ .

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