Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, March 2018

Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries & quiz for March 2018 are now online. Subjects covered this time:

Can we usefully stratify patients according to suicide risk?
BMJ 2017;359:j4627
Low vitamin D levels as a risk factor for cancer
BMJ 2017;359:j4761BMJ 2017;359:j4761
The responses to the “cancer drugs scandal” must fully involve patients—an essay by Tessa Richards
BMJ 2017;359:j4956
How Europe copes with flu
BMJ 2018;360:k266
Sixty seconds on . . . loneliness
BMJ 2018;360:k300
“Where there is life, there is hope”
BMJ 2018;360:j5920
Trimethoprim use for urinary tract infection and risk of adverse outcomes in older patients: cohort study
BMJ 2018;360:k341
Large study is “robust” evidence of link between chronic heavy drinking and dementia
BMJ 2018;360:k814
Are expanding disease definitions unnecessarily labelling women with polycystic ovary syndrome?
BMJ 2017;358:j3694
Sex robots: the irreplaceable value of humanity
BMJ 2017;358:j3790

This is the last set of Research Summaries in the present series: we’ll now take a couple of months off to put this series in book form and prepare ourselves for the next one, which will probably commence in June or July.

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