Picture book retrospective – The Doubter’s Mysteries

For the next few weeks I’m doing a retrospective of my picture books.
The Doubter’s Mysteries is actually an illustrated book rather than a
picture-book – in fact it’s a series of fourteen one-act plays, based on
Bible stories, with fourteen accompanying full-page illustrations.

The idea of the project was to write plays based on Biblical stories in
a down-to-earth style with very little staging, like the Medieval
Mystery Plays; but written from a modern, sceptical, non-religious point
of view.

My favourite illustrations (apart from the picture of Eve and the
Serpent which is on the front cover) are the ones for ‘Cain and Abel’
and ‘Samson’ (the Samson design is loosely based on the Tate & Lyle
Golden Syrup tins I remember from my childhood).

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