Picture book retrospective – The Fisher Prince

For the next few weeks I’m doing a retrospective of my picture books.

The Fisher Prince is another story co-created with Mollie
Macgregor-Kinnis, and again it’s based on one of Mollie’s dreams, about
a prince who’s only interested in fishing, and who holds a
fishing-themed ball as a means of finding himself a bride. Ayumi, the
lake-keeper’s daughter, and Wendy, the serving-girl who works at the
palace, were both lifted straight from Mollie’s dream. In fact the whole
story, with its proper fairy-tale atmosphere, was pretty much ready-made
in Mollie’s dream, and all I had to do was write it out.

The picture of the magical golden fish which lives in the lake is
adapted from one of Mollie’s glassware designs. My other favourites are
of Khota, Ayumi’s father; and of Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

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