Picture book retrospective – The Goose Money Box

For the next few weeks I’m doing a retrospective of my picture books.
The Goose Money Box (2020) represented a change of style for me – I
wanted more texture, more of a handmade feel to my illustrations, so
instead of creating them entirely digitally, using Inkscape, I started
drawing them by hand and then using Inkscape to add colour.

Perhaps because of this, The Goose Money Box is one of my personal
favourites. The idea for the story came from a little girl called
Martha, who told me that she’d got a money box shaped liked a goose,
which moved when she put any money in it. Lots of the pictures in the
book are closely based on my house and the surrounding area. The one of
geese flying over a field at sunset is basically the view from our
upstairs window.

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