Sindy and the Antibiotics


The first Dr Hairy picture-book – having said which, I haven’t got any others planned just at the moment – is now complete, and I’ve just added it to the catalogue on the Dr Hairy site. It’s the first thing of any substance I’ve done using Inkscape – previously I’ve used Flash for  vector drawings.  You really need a bigger screen than mine, because the layer, stroke and fill dialogues take up quite a lot of space; and it’s also worth knowing, for example, that if you do a drawing with 2px lines in it and then import it into another drawing, all the lines will go back to 1px and need resetting. There are a few little wrinkles like that. But once I got used to it I liked it, and there’s plenty of good help available online – it’s quite similar to the Gimp in those respects.

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