The Christmas Robins, picture 9

“I been standing out here gettin frosbite
inna black night, feels like a fortnite
cos a shiny angel all dress in white
come down a beam of light, into my field, right?
and he says to the shepherds no need for fright
cos a new kinda prince bein born tonite
he gonna lift the lowly to a new height
he gonna fix up the wrong and gonna make it right
he gonna fix up the blind man and give him sight
and the unrequited gonna get his requite
and you can find this prince ’bout midnight
inna tumbledown shed fulla candle light
lyin in a manger wrap up in white
if you follow that star that’s a-¬≠shinin bright”

From the new picture book by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis

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