The Cranbrook Video Festival, Friday 19th February

The Cranbrook Video Festival, which I’m organising, takes place at the Sixth Form Centre of the High Weald Academy (my daughter’s school) on Friday 19th February at 12.30 – 3.30 p.m.

It’s going to be brilliant! I’ve ended up with a really interesting and varied programme – lots of different subjects and styles, from lots of different people in lots of different places. I’ll be showing my own video, The Calamitous Tale of Mr Punch, in it’s entirety at the end of the programme. Admission is £2.

The Kent Messenger rang me up about the Video Festival the other day, and sent a photographer to take some pictures yesterday. I thought the pictures were going to be of me standing in front of the school where the festival is going to be held, or something like that, but instead he took pictures of me holding Mr Punch and the Devil, from The Clamitous Tale of Mr Punch, up in my study, with all the Dr Hairy puppets sitting on my bookshelves in the background. The resulting news-item is supposed to appear in next Friday’s edition of the paper, assuming they’ve got room.

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