Treacle Pudding and Custard

Here’s something really peculiar – Treacle Pudding and Custard by Princess Indigo. It’s a series of comedy-videos about ‘a Commodore 64 who turns into an elephant and a ZX81 who thinks it’s a cat’. That’s a sufficiently offbeat concept in itself, but just to add to the strangeness the voices are produced by text-to-speech software, and the visuals consist mainly of a dreamy slow-motion shot of a pair of hands (with painted nails) playing across a computer keyboard. The entire project has a spaced-out, weightless feel, combining the funny and the banal with the tedious and just a touch of Samuel Beckett. And if you bother to look up the series creator, Princess Indigo, it turns out that (s)he’s some kind of transgender virtual persona (see If you’re into weird stuff, this just might be for you.

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